Welcome, I hope this gives you an insight into to my workshop based in Newbury, Berkshire.
Most of my time is spent teaching, covering the Hampshire, Wiltshire and Oxfordshire areas to mention but a few and working on production pieces.

Although a full time working studio for production work, commissions and teaching, my projects are evolving as I get more inspiration from the materials and nature. In the spare time that work allows - I am experimenting with metal and resin to enhance my turned work.
I like to trying different effects and techniques including these and other media.

Woodturning Courses

Structured tuition, with a view to learning woodturning as a hobby or possible career.
To aid you before purchasing your own equipment, or help you use kit you already own.

Or come along for a experience fun day.
Go home with a bowl, maybe a weedpot, a lightpull, a pen and
some ‘decorative firewood’ you have made on the lathe.

More information on my Courses page.

Wood the thinking mans plastic – wood is very tactile and the surface finish can surprise and delight when handled and enjoyed.